Olive’s program includes innovative and experiential activities that integrate three target objective areas through the stages of creating a startup with the potential for high growth and high impact. The integrated approach includes investing deeply in the building of Warriors, then Founders, and ultimately Changemakers to enable a courageous launch of a meaningful business.

our commitment

Olive’s “Together We Will” commitment is to create an invested partnership with all stakeholders: Olive participants, the community of financial supporters and investors, the mentors, the expert resources and service providers, and many more.

Together we will focus on championing and supporting purpose driven women to successfully build high growth, high impact businesses. We will join these women to see them through the ‘Formation’ stage which includes idea incubation, forming a vision and mission, building a founding team, and committing to the process of creating or growing a startup.

Our commitment then continues through the “Validation” phase of fundable ideas and is centered on partnering with and promoting these women with financial resources, network opportunities, and mentorship to make it to and be prepared for the “Growth” phase. Olive will remain invested throughout the “Growth” stage in ongoing capital, access to resources, and as mentors and champions as needed.

expectation of olive women

The expectation of Olive participants is that each woman will commit her time, develop her growth mindset, persevere through hard work and courageous engagement in the process, and be accountable to the shared vision of her founding team.

Olive participants must deeply believe that a significant entrepreneurial endeavor is her chosen career path.

what to expect

Olive’s program will guide classes of 10 – 15 women through launching a start-up from idea to business maturity. Focusing not just on start-up and business skills, but also mindset, fortitude, and emotional agility, all while building on what makes women leadership so powerful!

We will kick off the program with a 2 day boot camp. This will then be followed by ongoing sessions, as well as one-on-one coaching for the following three months. After that, we will do periodic sessions based on where each founding team should be as well as ongoing one on one coaching with each woman and founding team. The time commitment inside and outside of the sessions should be expected to be at least 10 hours a week, with an eventual full-time commitment as the start-ups require.

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