Katrina Holt



Prior to co-founding Olive, Katrina was in the banking industry for over 20 years, serving in a number of key executive & strategic roles for small and large companies. She is an unapologetic advocate for the advancement of women in equality, opportunity and having real power and voice in the world. With this passion, she believes deeply that all will benefit from innovatively and meaningfully increasing the influence of women in leadership roles. She believes that these women, working side by side with men, can make real impact in the never ending pursuit of making our world a better place.

“I love the idea of no longer using the term ‘empowering women’. This suggests that this power is owned and then bestowed upon women. Women are incredibly powerful in their own right and now is the time to step up and own it. My joy comes from tapping into that power, showing her what she is capable of, and then watching as that woman makes her impact on the world. If I can be a small part of the story these amazing women are creating, I am fulfilled.”

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