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Katrina Holt


Prior to co-founding Olive, Katrina was in financial services for 20+ years, serving in a number of key executive & strategic roles for small and large companies. She is an unapologetic advocate for the advancement of women in equality, opportunity, and having real power and an influential voice. She believes that these women, working side by side with men, can make real impact in the never ending pursuit of making our world a better place.
“Women are incredibly powerful in their own right and now is the time to step up and own it. My joy comes from tapping into that power, showing her what she is capable of, and then watching as that woman makes her impact on the world. If I can be a small part of the story these amazing women are creating, I am fulfilled.”

Kristy Freeman

Program Director

Kristy Johansen Freeman is thrilled to be part of the Olive Founders team. She has been an educator for over 25 years, and holds a Master’s degree in Educational Counseling and a Gifted/Talented Endorsement. She is also a certified life coach and has been a mentor/coach to many intern teachers, including a full time coaching position for 5 years.
Kristy is passionate about partnering with others to help women go from idea to launch and beyond. “I get incredibly excited about being part of seeing a woman grow from, “I think I can” to “I know I can” and then watching this potential come to fruition and be passed on to other woman in an ever-growing chain of possibilities and progress.“

Vasanthi Sekhar


In a career spanning 28+ years, Vasanthi has served in key strategic and people leadership roles, helping companies cultivate motivated teams and engaged customers. She loves building businesses from the ground up, because this approach challenges her to fully immerse herself in bringing ideas to life, in breaking boundaries, and in activating creative cultures
“My passion lies in helping people and ideas reach their fullest potential. Women have boundless potential as leaders, and I’m a firm believer that enabling women to achieve their goals ultimately benefits not just the women themselves, but their families, communities, and future generations.”

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