who is she?

she is a warrior

A woman who makes her meaning known.

she is a founder

A woman who is relentlessly driven to achieve her business vision.

she is a changemaker

A woman who unapologetically pursues her passion to inspire positive change in the world and be a powerful role model for others.

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our purpose

We believe that TOGETHER we can positively affect the lives of women to create long term success for themselves, and be powerful role models for other women. This is not just a project for us, this is a movement for an entire generation. We are Olive.





our approach

Our goal is to meaningfully increase the number of women founders successfully starting and leading high growth, high impact businesses

sprout phase: mindset

We work closely with women to develop the skills to courageously and meaningfully swing big in businesses that matter.

seedling phase: capital

We invest up to $5,000 in qualified opportunities – ensuring a sustainable business that will either make it to profitability, or the next stage of funding.

growth phase: ecosystem

We partner with community and incubator programs, networking groups, mentors, and many others to ensure these founders have the resources to succeed and sustain.

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become a changemaker

CHANGE the mindset. Change the conversation. Change your journey. Change lives.

partner with olive

PARTNER with us to champion and work closely with passionate female founders to provide expertise, mentorship, and other support as they lean in to swing big.

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DONATE now to support the work of meaningfully increasing the number of women founders leading high growth, high impact businesses.

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katrina holt


Prior to co-founding Olive, Katrina was in the banking industry for over 20 years, serving in a number of key executive & strategic roles for small and large companies. She is an unapologetic advocate…

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